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CAIDA collects, monitors, analyzes, and visualizes several forms of Internet traffic data concerning network topology, workload characterization, performance, routing, and multicast behavior.
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Your source for research intelligence data on European E-business trends, demographics and strategies.
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Geography of the Internet
Data, maps and analysis on the geographic distribution of Internet domain names by city, region, state, and country.
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Iconocast eMarketing Intelligence
Trend analysis and insider information on the internet marketing industry.
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iDiary - Internet Measurement System
Combines Internet tracking with surveying to deliver knowledge about the Natural Population of your web site.
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Internet Health Report
Delivers data about network performance (latency) between major United States Internet backbones.
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Internet Traffic Report
Reports on the current performance of major Internet routes around the world.
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Internet World Stats
Internet usage data for 233 countries and regions, consolidated from various periodic surveys.
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Trends, growth rates, and statistics.
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NEC Study
Predicts competition and diversity on the web. (April 15, 2002)
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